Envision Our Future

Imagine a Utah where we feel relatively safe from gun violence, where armed teachers are not necessary. This is the reality we enjoyed when we, as parents grew up. Imagine a state where our laws and our law enforcement officials keep us safe, and we don't have to rely on shootouts between 'good guys' and 'bad guys.' This kind of safety was and is an original aim of government. 

Envision Utah's Future

What will really work for Utah's future?

Some may say this vision is dangerously naive. But we believe it is naive to assume that we can keep our laws as they are, and that criminals and those with violent tendencies somehow won't get guns, in spite of the many easy and accessible ways. We believe it is naive to assume that these people will be inhibited by the possibility of handguns in school zones, when it is so easy to acquire far more powerful semi-automatic rifles without a background check. We believe it is dangerously naive to assume these people can be stopped by a teacher with a handgun and somehow our children will magically avoid getting caught or killed in the crossfire.

There are other ways to prevent gun violence. It is our responsibility to demand sensible laws from our state, laws which help prevent these things from happening in the first place. These laws should be our first level of defense. We believe there are better options than relying on the possibility of vigilantism from strangers. Communities with less gun violence are a real possibility, and a growing reality in the parts of our country that have enacted more sensible reforms. And this can be done while preserving the right of law abiding citizens to own guns. We deserve the same level of safety that other developed nations with better strategies enjoy. Are we going to prevent every act of gun violence? Of course not. But there is no need to tolerate unnecessary levels of tragedy when there are better options.