Guns In Utah Schools

Step aside from debate about arming teachers, and consider that guns make their way to Utah schools quite frequently, in the hands of children and teens. Mass shootings are not nearly as common as accidents and more isolated deliberate acts of violence. Take a look at the following statistics from the Utah State Office of Education's Annual Incidence of Delinquent Activity Report. This threat to school safety is more problematic. The potentially dangerous scenarios that could occur are far more likely than a mass shooting.  

Gun Violations in Utah Schools


The following chart shows total reported incidents of violations of handgun and rifle policies by students in Utah schools by district from 2009-2013. This chart is from the Utah State Office of Education.

These totals show the number of times students have been caught with either a handgun or a rifle in school and have been disciplined. Actual numbers of these incidents could be higher, depending on whether or not individual schools or districts decided to officially report each and every case to the State Office.  

The question marks indicate data which has not yet been released. We are still waiting for official numbers from 2012-13 from Salt Lake City and Granite School Districts. Even without those numbers, consider that from 2009-2013 (just three full school years), there were a total of 52 incidents statewide! And those were only the students who were caught. 

For more details and data please visit the Utah State Office of Education's data from the State Superidentent's Annual Reports.


Gun Violations in Utah Schools

Consider further, that the State Office of Education surveys students about certain antisocial behaviors. The following chart is based on the data collected from those surveys. The last question asks student to report if they have carried a handgun to shool. The percentages may seem small, but take into account the total students in Utah schools. For instance, in 2011, .7% of Utah 12th graders reported carrying a gun to school at least once. Based on enrollement data from October 2010 for the 2010-2011 school year, there were 39,688 12th graders in both regular and charter schools. .7% of that number means that 278 Utah High School Seniors self-reported bringing a gun to school at least once that year.  And in the same year, .3% of enrolled 6th graders, or 138 Utah Sixth Graders reported bring a gun to school! And those are just numbers from one grade from one year.  

Antisocial Behavior Survey

For information about how to store your guns and ammunition safely away from children, and teenagers, please visit our public service campaign webpage