For Parents

Parents are integral in advocating for increased school safety. Below are some simple ways you can get involved to ensure your child's school is up to par on gun violence prevention and response. This information is also relevant to teachers and educators wanting to get involved in their schools and districts to help increase school safety. For more detailed in-depth information, visit our School Safety page.    

Get InformedParent

Examine your district's and school's emergency plans and procedures.

  • Check with the district's risk management or safety officer to obtain a copy.
  • Assess how well the plan addresses situations involving firearms.
  • Are all district schools 'on board' with the plan and procedures?
  • Are all administrators and teachers well-versed in the plan and prepared for an emergency?
  • Are active shooter drills conducted at your school?

our school safety page: Utah Parents Against Gun Violence School Safety

Review information from other websites about school firearms safety and advocacy.
Do a site search with the terms 'firearms' and 'school safety.'

The National Education Association: The NEA
The National Parent Teacher Association: The PTA
PTA: Advocating for School Safety

For more links, visit our Resources page. 

Get Involved


Urge administrators and faculty councils to requent comprehensive school-wide training
and drills focusing on prevention and response to emergencies involving firearms.  

Ask your school PTA or Community Countil to request that school safety plans and
procedures be updated as needed to address gun violence prevention and response.

Encourage these groups to pass resolutions dealing with firearms in the school.


Contact the district superintendent and school board members. Ask for a review of current
emergency plans, updating them as needed to cover firearms situations.


Urge legislatros to make funding school safety and education a priority, and to support efforts
to keep guns out of schools.