Bulletproof Kids

Bulletproof Kids is a firearm safe storage public service campaign created through a partnership between Utah Parents Against Gun Violence and the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of pediatric gun injury and youth suicide. Please visit BulletproofKidsUtah.org and take the pledge to store your guns safely. 

Bulletproof Kids Logo

Owning a gun is a right.
Protecting children is a responsibility.

Prevent youth suicide and accidental gun injury. Store your guns safely. 

Bulletproof Kids is a non-confrontation, non-political public service campaign to promote safe storage and inform Utahns about the specifics of storing firearms and ammunition safely. We hope to reach a broad audience and protect youth from injury and death.

Through partnerships with many local organizations we wish to educate the community, parents, health care professionals, gun organizations, firearm manufacturers and sellers, and shooting ranges about safe gun storage. 

Our goal is to build public awareness on safe gun storage on the web, through public service announcements and through the distribution of posters, fliers, and stickers with our message to doctors offices, hospitals, schools, and gun organizations.

Please visit the Bulletproof Kids website for details. BulletproofKidsUtah.org