About Us

Utah Parents Against Gun Violence is a non-partisan group dedicated to the goal of reducing gun violence in our community. We are parents, friends of parents, grandparents, anyone interested in preventing gun violence. Because of the controversial nature of this topic, we want to clearly state who we are and what we stand for. We are trying to build consensus, and lend a voice to those who may not feel they have had one in this issue. We are working to increase awareness and create a civil dialogue aimed at finding solutions to prevent gun tragedies. 

Who we are NOT:

Utah Parents Against Gun Violence

  • We are not here to judge or criticize gun owners, in fact, many of us are gun owners.
  • We are not trying to take away concealed weapons permits.
  • We are not seeking a ban on guns, or even a particular class of guns.
  • We do not believe that this is a partisan issue, our members cross the political spectrum.

Who we are:

We believe the level of gun violence in Utah and in the United States constitutes a serious health problem, and we are concerned about the threat to individuals and most especially children. Children in Utah deserve to grow up in an environment safe from gun violence. 

  • We respect the right of people to own guns, whether for self defense, hunting or sporting.
  • We strive for mutual respect from both sides of this debate.
  • We believe in consulting credible sources of research when choosing how to store guns safely and choosing policies and laws that relate to our children's safety, and the safety of everyone in the community.
  • We believe all possible solutions and options to gun violence should be discussed and at least considered.
  • We are committed to demanding sensible and consistent laws governing gun ownership.
  • We aim to educate Utahns about our gun laws and how some of these contribute to violent crime.
  • We are devoted to working with local legislators to strengthen laws, including background checks on all gun transactions, gunshows and the classified resale markets. And we seek tougher legal penalties for those responsible for straw purchases or the transfer of gun ownership to criminals and/or those with dangerous mental illnesses.
  • We also seek to strengthen laws that will help keep our children safe, including laws that hold gun owners responsible for keeping their guns accessible to children, and laws that seek to keep guns out of schools unless they are handled by trained law enforcement professionals.